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    Pim de Witte

    Dylan - update here. Over the past few days I've worked on adding GIF support to our transcoders, and have successfully rolled it out internally. 


    I'm curious how you see an integration and ideal GIF workflow working. Please add me on Discord (pim#5324) if you'd like to discuss. I can provide access to GIFs as well now.


    In my internal demo I've made it auto-select the last 15 seconds of a clip as a gif. An alternative way of doing it would be detecting clips under 10 seconds and automatically giving them a GIF option. Let me know. 




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  • Pim de Witte

    @Dylan - just pushed this life. You can now replace "mp4" with "gif" at the end of a video file you want to download to get a GIF variation of the file.

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