Problem to Record a Clip



  • VonGrimm

    Hello XavyZx,

    It's possible your clip exists, but the UI made a mistake. Right-click the clip, open file location, and see if your video is in your 'Clips' folder. If not, unfortunately that clip is likely gone forever. Please follow the steps below to see if we can prevent this from happening in the future.

    1. Change your Encoder option

    Settings > Clips > Scroll down to Video Encoding > Switch to another encoding option

    If you have AMD you may not see an option for your card.

    If you have Nvidia you should see something like Nvidia NVEnc

    If you only have Intel, you may or may not see your card.


    2. Repair

    If you haven't already, update to version 3.14.0 | 3.2.0 or higher.
    To update, look for the green arrow on your Medal app.

    In this new update, we have a REPAIR option available. This new option can fix a ton of different issues.

    Settings > Help & Support > Repair


    3. Send me your medallog.txt
    Documents > Medal > Medallog.txt (send the log from the date you had an issue)

    We wont know what happened if you don't send us your logs, please send them!

    Sorry again your clip(s) were corrupted. We really appreciate you using Medal and taking the time to message us.

  • XavyZx

    Ok, thanks for the answer 

    I attach the following items:
    - Clip Folder Screenshot

    Clips Folder.PNG
    - Video Encoder Option Screenshot:
    Video Encoder.PNG
    - MedalLog from the last clips
    [Sensitive information removed]
    Thanks for the feedback. 

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