I can't install Medal



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    Brandon Cohen

    Hey Arthur, 

    Not sure what's going on here, but I'll list some steps below, let me know if any of these help.


    If you live somewhere that can't access US websites, you may need a VPN.

    Here's an article from HowToGeek.com that should help. I'll summarize a bit of it here.

    Source: HowToGeek.com

    "VPNs are the best option for accessing content that is blocked in your own country because they allow you to tunnel your traffic through an encrypted connection and come out on the other side."

    Basically - A VPN allows you to access our servers so that you can install our sweet software.
    There are Free VPNs but they generally lack speed. Here are 2 paid options below suggested by HowToGeek. They also mention that each of these has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    • ExpressVPN Fast and easy to use
    • StrongVPN Fast and can easily bypass geographic restrictions

    There are free VPN's as well. LuciiFox, one of our support members, suggested TunnelBear.


    Medal has been whitelisted by most of the major anti-viruses. However, there is always the possibility that your anti-virus has quarantined some of the files used by Medal. Try disabling your anti-virus or whitelisting Medal.

    Unfortunately, I can't give you a step by step here because the steps will vary based on your anti-virus.


    Purge (reinstall)

    If deleting version.json didn't work, we're going to try a full purge. This means deleting everything on your computer that has anything to do with Medal.

    If you have any clips, we need to save those first. You will not be able to reupload these again (unless you upload to youtube and submit to Medalbot via discord), but we can at least save them from being gone forever.

    Navigate to the following path and copy any .mp4's to your desktop or to another folder.


    Now we can get back to the Purge!

    1. Close Medal in the system tray and make sure all Medal processes are terminated. (Sometimes stray processes can hide in your system tray or your task manager - double check those!)
    2. Quit any game running.
    3. Navigate to C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local and delete Medal.
      • While in Local find Ferox Games and delete that.
    4. Navigate to C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming and delete Medal.
    5. Navigate to Local Disk (C:) and delete Medal
    6. Restart your system.
    7. Reinstall from Medal.tv

    If you're having trouble finding your AppData folders hit the Start button + R, and enter:

    %appdata% in the run window and hit enter: 

    Then %localappdata% in the run window and hit enter:

     If your OS tells you that the file cannot be deleted because it's still in use. Open up the Task Manager and terminate all instances of Medal there and in the startup tab.

  • Arthur Extreme

    this really not helped. sorry if this was not clear but it didn't even installed the thing, ill check the anti-virus but i don't think it was that
    edit: no it was'nt the anti-virus

  • Brandon Cohen

    Hey Arthur,

    Depending on your location - you may need a VPN like stated above. Countries like Iran and Iraq need VPNs in order to properly download and install Medal.

    Anti-viruses could be blocking part of the download or install.

    If you are trying to install, that means it has downloaded, so following the PURGE section listed above to remove all of the Medal files from your pc, restart, and then try downloading again.

    If you try all of these and it's still not working, then we can look into other options. 

  • Arthur Extreme

    i live in Brazil so no need for VPN
    my anti-virus i checked is'nt doing anything
    ill try to do the purge

  • Brandon Cohen

    What anti-virus do you use?
    What Windows OS are you on?
    Have you ever had Medal installed before?

  • Arthur Extreme

    i never installed Medal before (i think medal of honor doesn't count, right?)

    i use Karspersky
    im using windows 10

  • Brandon Cohen

    Medal of Honor doesn't count.

    Did the purge work? 
    Kaspersky can do some weird things, though we are whitelisted by them so that shouldn't affect anything.

    If the purge didn't work feel free to add me on Discord if you have it. I'm available to screenshare with you to figure out what's going on. @brandersnatcher#6697


  • Arthur Extreme

    the purge didn't worked, did the same thing

    edit: im gonna screenshare tomorrow, its too late here where i live

  • Brandon Cohen

    Would you be able to add me on Discord so we can screenshare, not sure what else could be going wrong.


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