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    Brandon Cohen

    Hey Oli,

    Great suggestion! I'm not sure what ETA looks like for this feature, but we'll look into it.

  • Phoelee

    Well i hope medal gets more people to watch over posts because its 4 days with no answer... My highlights are glitchy, sped up on some points so i am just leaving Medal to NOT startup with windows and i am waiting for some fix or Beta version which god could be better... and do you know why am i writing this ? because atleast someone gets an answer here :)

  • Brandon Cohen

    Hey Phoelee,

    Sorry for the late reply, I replied to you on Discord.

    We are working on the issue with clips being sped up, in the meantime - check out this article.

  • Pim de Witte

    This should now be fixed! Also we are looking at adding a screenshot feature soon.

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