Trackmania 2 / Trackmania Turbo as supported game



  • Official comment
    Brandon Cohen

    We'll look into adding these. Thanks for using Medal!

  • Tom

    After 3 months nothing happened...

  • Brandon Cohen

    Hey Tom,

    We add games to Medal based on the number of requests for each game. 
    We've just added about 70 new games and we are always adding more. Unfortunately, as of right now, adding games takes a bit of time to do properly.

    Rest assured, Trackmania will be added. As of our last update, we've made it WAY easier to add games - so keep checking. It should be added soon.

  • Brandon Cohen

    Alright Tom, we've started adding Trackmania.

    Currently, we have Trackmania Turbo.

    Working on adding Trackmania Stadium, but having some issues with it - Hopefully will be able to get it added soon.

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