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    I looked into the emulator and got it working. Unfortunately, at this current time, we wouldn't be able to identify the game as the emulator isn't just for PUBG. This is something we could look into in the future, but as of right now, there isn't much we can do. We'll definitely keep this in mind though so stay tuned!

  • Brandon Cohen

    Hey Vimal,

    What do you use for the PUBG emulator?

  • Vimal Francis

    Tencent gaming buddy. I need recording option for PUBG MOBILE Emulator.....

  • Vimal Francis


  • Vimal Francis

    Reply me

  • Hoani “0nh33t” Tengu

    have same problem, does not work with emulator. please fix.


  • Brandon Cohen

    I went to download what I assume is the emulator you are speaking of, but my pc was saying it's a virus.

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