Saved clips will not play back or publish



  • Brandon Cohen

    Hey Noah,

    I'd love to figure out what's going on. 

    1. The first thing I'd like you to look at is your system clock. Is it accurate? (the same as your phone)
    2. What game are you recording?

  • jejexd

    Hey, I've just recently installed Medal, And I'm having the same issue. Can you help me out?

    -My system clock is accurate.

    -And since I just installed Medal yesterday, I haven't really tried any games other than Fortnite.

  • leasenesi

    Same problem here. =(

  • Brandon Cohen

    Hey guys, can you all send me your logs.
    Documents > Medal > Medallog.txt.

    Make a ticket and attach the .txt or go to and paste it there, then send me that link.

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