• Brandon Cohen

    Hey Juanly,

    You don't actually need to use your phone number. You can just download our mobile app from android or ios (whatever you use). You get the sync code from our mobile app before you sign in.

  • Aleksandar Stevanovski

    Yep what Brandon Cohen said.

  • James Maddix

    where is the sync code located at in the mobile app

  • VonGrimm

    @James Maddix,

    The sync code is located on the first screen on the mobile app if you haven't logged in. If you have logged in, your account is already synced

  • Sakaane

    I logged into the mobile app manually rather than using the sync code.

    The desktop app did not recognize that I was logged in on mobile, so whenever I clicked on "Sync with Mobile", I was sent to the "Get the App" screen that asks for a phone number.

    It wasn't until after I logged out of the mobile app and then used a sync code that the desktop figured it out and now displays the green "Synced" button instead.

    The desktop app should be smarter than that. :)

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