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    Brandon Cohen
    Hey Trown Squad,

    If I recall correctly, Warface does work if you select
    'live dangerously' from the Games Tab. 

    However, it will work properly in the next update!

    Edit: We've now updated our app and Warface should record without having 'live dangerously' on now!

  • Brian Reyes

    Would you be able to confirm if Path of Exile is supported? 

  • Trown Squad

    Brandon Cohen , it worked for 1 time but when i launch it for second time it doesn't appear. At the first time i recorded 4 clips they was corrupted.

  • Brandon Cohen

    Brian Reyes,

    There was a bit of a mixup with PoE, it should be fixed and added today or tomorrow

    Trown Squad,

    Warface should work without even having 'Live Dangerously' on now. However, for whatever reason Warface doesn't work on my pc, so I can't test further. If you want to add me on Discord we can screen share and I can try to help you out further. 

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