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  • XavyZx

    So, now you already have support with Cisco OpenH264 Encoder? I have many problem to record with this encoder

  • Brandon Cohen

    XavyZx, what issues are you having with the recorder?

  • XavyZx

    When I record, the screen is black, only are sounds, I try with the hardware acceleration but I got the same result.

  • Brandon Cohen

    Hey XavyZx, We've recently tracked this issue down to interference with another piece of software. Specifically MSI Afterburner by RivaTuner. It's possible that you have some other piece of software (most likely an overlay of some sort) that is causing this same issue. 

    We are working on a solution so that other overlays don't interfere with our recording, but it's not ready yet - and we currently don't have an ETA.

    If you want to work with us further on figuring our what is going on, feel free to make a ticket and we can dig deeper into this issue. On the flip side, if you figure it out - please let us know what was causing the issue. (note that if you turn off an overlay or application, you may need to restart Medal and/or the game you're playing to see a change in your clip)

  • Brady Sizemore

    How do you get the clips to save with the game audio in the clip too?

  • Brandon Cohen

    Hey Brady,

    Game audio should be in the clip by default. If that's not happening something else may be wrong. I'll create a ticket so we can discuss this further

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